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My name is Gerard Calderone, welcome to my website.

A motivated and committed musician with 20 years of experience drumming and two clear goals:

Support and Educate

Ready to assist as a drummer during sessions or gigs

or progress your own music learning journey

Drumming Services

Session Drummer

Studio sessions can be overwhelming and expensive. It's good practice to come prepared with an idea or demo to make the tracking process smoother, especially for full length albums. If you are in need of a session drummer, let's talk and make a plan.

Please contact for pricing.

Available for in-person or remote session work. Willing to travel*



Gig Drummer

Gigs are one of the most important and fun parts of playing as a musician, and it is crucial to be well rehearsed, but also have a good time. If you have a gig coming up, but no drummer, or need a fill in drummer, let's talk and see what we can make work. Please contact for pricing.

Willing to travel*


Drum Instructor

Lessons can open doors to your musical career by helping you past obstacles and demonstrating the myriad of styles useful for honing your skills. Lessons are 100% judgement free and mistakes are accepted and encouraged.

Please see Lessons page for pricing.

Available for in-person or remote lessons. Willing to travel*

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