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Who would have thought that a boy at ten years old, gifted a drumset to manage his temper tantrums, would turn that outlet from a hobby to a passion? For 20 years, Gerard has been a self taught drummer - Learning technique, dynamics, and style by emulating his favorite drummers and grinding to play his favorite songs note by note. Gerard learned rudiments from his school's, Orchestra, Concert and Jazz Bands growing up. Then, during the summer before high school, was asked to drum for his first band. Since then, Gerard has collaborated with several artists in a variety of genres, rounding out his own sound, improvisational skills, and intuition as a drummer; preparing him to deliver a solid performance.

As an Educator, Gerard helped to begin a program in college that matched talented musicians with those willing and wanting to learn. Later, Gerard went on to teach one on one lessons, using patience, listening, and perspective to provide a fun and effective learning experience.


My Philosophy & Commitment

Whether you are in the studio, on the stage, or learning your craft, you and every musician has a reason for pursuing music. My goal is to understand that reason and use it to help you realize your vision. Whether pulling back to meet a mellower sound or rising to the occasion to deliver a fast and intense show, I will meet you where you are to match the creativity and genre of your recording project, the energy and sound of your live performance, and provide the stepping stones and challenges needed to progress as a musician.

My Commitment - To provide the best possible drum-related product for your project and/or the attention necessary to push you to your next drumming level

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